The Story Box – ft. Harken, Vancouver


The Story Box is designed to give you a deeper insight into the story and approach behind our roasting partners.

Harken specialise in blends and believe that they are more akin to making a good cocktail, where you can layer complex flavours on top of each other and concoct something truly amazing, and are trying to get the NA market to stop looking at blends negatively (although we get why they have garnered such a bad reputation in the past).

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Please try to order before the 20th.



Seasonal Blends Collection:

  • x4 40g
    1. Spring blend
    2. Summer blend
    3. Autumn blend
    4. Winter blend

Full Collection:

  • x6 40g
    1. Single origin – Kochere, Ethiopia
    2. Single origin – Teshome, Ethiopia
    3. Spring blend
    4. Summer blend
    5. Autumn blend
    6. Winter blend