Moccamaster KBGT Thermos


The  Moccamaster marries the simplicity of use with exceptional consistency and its build quality.



The Moccamaster Technivorm Coffee Brewer is an amazing brewer ideal for home office or cafe. It is one of the only brewers to pass the strict requirements on brewing set by the SCAA and SCAE. It will produce 1L of brewed coffee in around 5 minutes it brews straight into the carafe which keeps it warm.

  • How many grams coffee per litre?
    We advise a dosage of 60 gram per litre. Brewing 1.25 litre with a Moccamaster you need 75 grams of coffee. For brewing 4-6 cups, we recommend increasing the dosage. One dosage spoon (included) is 12 grams.
    Coffee is a matter of taste: try which coffee at which dosage you like best!