Kalita Wave Tsubame Stainless Steel Dripper


This new dripper is completely handmade by the qualified craftsmen of Tsubame-shi, a well-known district in Niigata prefecture for its metalworking craftsmen and their techniques.



Quite possibly the prettiest coffee dripper we’ve ever seen, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls please say hello to the Tsubame Kalita dripper!

Each dripper is hand made in Tsubami-shi in the Niigata prefecture of Japan, a city renowned for its metalworking. As a mark of the city and the quality craftsmanship that has gone into each and every Tsubame dripper, each is stamped with the “Made in TSUBAME” mark that is only approved by the¬†Tsubame Chamber of Commerce and Industry if a product matches their extremely high standards.

The drippers are available in 2 materials and 2 sizes, copper or stainless steel in Kalita’s 155 or 185 sizings. Each uses Kalita’s Wave filters which we have available on our store.