Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper


A simple yet deliciously effective way to make coffee.



The design changes implemented in the V60 gave it two distinct advantages. First, the brewer managed to closely approximate the extraction technique of the nel drip. Secondly, the Hario V60 was capable of producing both cold and clean flavors, based on the speed of pouring the water through. With those minor but efficient changes to the original design after 60 years, the V60 was able to beat the competition fronted by the 3rd wave coffee movement.

With full extraction of the character and flavor of beans used, combined with its ability to consistently deliver a clean cup of coffee, the V60 managed to rise to the top. When you add the ease of coffee extraction using the V60, you get a coffee brewer that will be a staple in many homes.

We highly recommend the V60 pour-over method here at Beans.ie.

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