As we’re sure you’re more than aware, the virus named SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, has upended lives all around the globe. In this past week, health organizations and governments around the world have recommended closing cafes, restaurants, schools and universities, and some stores, and both national and international travel have come to a near halt. It is in our best interest to take the recommendations by the CDC seriously – meaning we should practice social distancing, post-pone any upcoming travel plans, wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and avoid touching your face – things you don’t need us to tell you because you already know.

We know that implementing these measures into your lives comes with great sacrifice, and possibly some lonely moments ahead. The inability to go outside and go about your normal lives for an extended period of time is difficult to deal with. However, right now it is the best shot we have at getting us through this pandemic together. So please, stay inside, stay safe, if you’re showing symptoms get tested, and also: continue supporting independent small businesses that are suffering as a result of closed doors.

Coffee shops being forced to close doors during corona virus outbreak

Not Business As Usual

You might have seen the countless social media posts and stories that your favourite coffee shops have been sharing. Heart-breaking notices that they’re closing their doors for an unknown amount of time. For small-business owners, whose livelihood depends on being able to serve their customers daily, these are trying times. Similarly, for people employed at independent coffee shops or other small businesses, who need that income to make ends meet, the slowing business is increasingly stressful. The main fear now is that independent coffee shops will have to remain closed for months on end, and potentially never have the capacity to re-open. Thankfully, this can be avoided, and it is up to us to help keep our favourite small businesses around.

How Can You Help Coffee Shops Survive the Coronavirus crisis?

We all want our favourite independent coffee shops to survive the coronavirus crisis and stay around, and together we can help them overcome this awful crisis. Here are our best tips for how you can help:

  1. Buy gift cards (online if necessary) – This is the fastest and most immediate way to put cash into the business. Your favourite coffee shop will have the cash, and you can use it up at a later date.
  2. Take-away: Many coffee shops have reduced their hours, cut back on staff, but are still open for online orders or take-away. You can’t stay in to enjoy your cup of coffee at this time, but you can enjoy it at home and still support business daily.
  3. Order online: Order merchandise, coffee, beans, or food from your favourite coffee shops online and have it shipped right to your door!
  4. Tip a little more: If you do pay a quick visit to a coffee shop for a take-away drink, consider that the income of the staff will probably drop a bit as a result of fewer patrons. Tip a little extra to support them!
  5. For orders through our website, we will give 15% of all of our coffee subscriptions back to the cafe of your choice. Just leave the name of the cafe in the note section and for as long as they are closed we will send them the money. This means that for each bag of coffee we sell, the cafe gets € 2.99! Check out our Instagram post for more details on this!
Order beans straight your home and brew them yourself!

Keep Up the Support

The time ahead is inevitably going to be difficult, but we’re going to be here for you and all of your coffee needs throughout it. Keep supporting your favourite coffee shops so they can survive the coronavirus crisis and have the capacity to re-open business as usual as soon as we all get through this, and everything can return to normalcy swiftly. We hope these tips find you well, and that you stay healthy and safe!

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