Macro- and Micro- Nutrient Calculations For Restaurants and Bars .

nutrition-calculatorMany people now are becoming more conscious of the food they put into their body. Providing the calorie count on meals is something more and more people are looking for.

BEANS has worked with a number of food companies in Cork to provide them with the calorie calculations for their menus.

If you are interested in this service, contact BEANS for a quote.

Example Menu Showing Calories




Egg Mayonnaise €2.29 – 426 calories

Fresh, free-range eggs hard boiled to perfection and served in a light mayonnaise dressing. Topped with cress and crushed black pepper.

Farmhouse Cheddar & Pickle €2.49 –  588 calories

Thick slicked Farmhouse Cheddar cheese with a generous helping of our homemade spiced pickle.

Wexford Ham & Wholegrain Mustard €2.49 – 417 calories

Honey roast Wexford Ham spread with mild wholegrain mustard.

Chicken Salad €2.79 – 390 calories

Slices of roasted chicken on a bed of seasonal salad leaves.

Steak & Cheese €4.49 – 495 calories

Rump steak cooked medium-rare topped with melted gouda cheese and crushed black pepper.

Any Extras

Extra Salad 50 cents – 10 calories

Extra Slice of Cheese €1.00 – 105 calories

Women need around 2,000 kcals a day, men need about 2,500 kcals a day and children need about 1,800 kcals a day.

We ensure that the calorie information provided is as accurate as possible. However, we may occasionally substitute ingredients as this may slightly alter the calorie value displayed.