Child Nutrition

Children are constantly growing and developing and need good quality nutrients to support their systems. Their body’s are entirely built, repaired and maintained by the food they eat, the water they drink and the air they breath. Children need the right balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, water, vitamins and imagesminerals in order for their bodies to function optimally.

Children who appear to be ‘always sick’ or ‘prone to catching infections’ could need a boost in their nutritional status in order to support their immune systems to fight off infections and bugs. Although children’s immune system needs the exposure to bacteria and virus in order to develop resistance, through diet and simple natural aids, you can lessen the need to reach for prescription medication.

As well as working on preventing illness and infections we also work with children with the following complaints:



Eczema and other skin conditions in children have been linked to a family history of histamine conditions such as asthma, food intolerances or hayfever. It can be caused by abnormalities in the immune system as well as Essential Fatty Acid deficiency and deficiency in other nutrients that help to keep inflammation in the body under control. Poor digestion and detoxification can also be the root cause. Through consultations and testing we look for the root cause of the child’s skin condition in order to reduce the symptoms that the child presents with.

Colic and Reflux

Colic occurs in 25% of babies and can be frustrating and upsetting for both parents and baby. There are many theories as to why a child develops Colic but the most likely causes are allergies to formulas, foods that the breast-feeding mother is eating and passing through into the milk, colon spasms, hyperactive gastrointestinal tract or even parental anxiety. Again in order to support a child with Colic we must find the root cause. Colic can be quickly reduced by eliminating the root cause and support the babies digestive system through Nutritional Therapy.

Digestive Issues

Many children suffer from constipation and/or diarrhoea from  time to time. If food is moving too quickly through their systems the child is not able to absorb the nutrients from their food. If food is moving too slowly it can cause a build up of toxins and cause pain and discomfort for the child. If the child has gone through change recently, such as starting school, changing schools or a change within their family, then this can upset the flow of energy through the child’s system and disrupt their digestion. Nutritional Therapy and essential oils can support children’s digestion and ensure that they are getting the most out of the foods that they eat.

Fussy Eaters

Every child will have food likes and dislikes. It is only a concern when the child severely limits their food choices and it is effecting their health and development. There can be underlying causes as to why your child may have food aversions. It maybe caused by a mineral deficiency or sensory issues or it may simply be due to snacking between meals or poor habits formed. Again at a BEANS consultation a child’s individual profile will be gather and a root cause sought to assist the child and family increase the foods the child will eat.

Weaning onto solids

BEANS can also assist parents on how to wean their child onto solid’s and reduce the child becoming a fussy eater as they develop or acquire food intolerances or digestive issues.


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