Child Development Programs

Child Development Program.

development-programsA  program with BEANS looks at a child’s overall development and focuses on helping your child meet their milestones. The program addresses a child’s Behavioural needs, Educational needs, And Nutritional needs in order to support their overall development.

Children with developmental delays are given the support and tools needed for them to learn and develop in areas such as cognitive thinking, fine motor and gross motor skills, speech and language and social skills. A BEANS program is ideal for children with developmental delays such as Autism, Speech and Language delays, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ADD, Cerebral Palsy and Sensory Processing Disorder. As each child is unique each BEANS program is individualised to suit your child.

Nutrition is the foundation of good development and health, therefore a full nutritional consultation and protocol will be devised for each child. This will be followed by a play based assessment with the child and a meeting with the parents on the child’s overall development. A report then will be drawn up, detailing areas of their development that may be delayed along with practical advice and guidance for parents to help their child at home.

The program will be updated on a monthly basis after consultations with the parents. Phone and email support is available throughout the program and extra consultations may also be arranged if the parent requires extra support or guidance.

Developmental Play Sessions.

BEANS provides developmental play sessions for children who maybe delayed in their development in areas such as speech and language, fine motor or gross motor skills or social skills. Through play we work with the child on the area’s of development that have been highlighted by an assessment in BEANS.

  • Speech and language delays
  • Toilet Training issues
  • Clumsy or low muscle tone
  • Delayed fine motor abilities.
  • Difficulties following direction.
  • Difficulties dealing with change.
  • Behavioural issues.

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